Fair-play is worth a white card to Handball Clube de Sines and Clube de Vela de Tavira

Refereeing team rewards posture of both formations

The team of Handebol Clube de Sines, playing at home, kept only 6 players on the field so the senior team B of Clube de Vela de Tavira (CVT) was forced to play with only 6 elements, due to the injury of a of its athletes, in a gesture that has been classified as «posture of fair play extraordinary" by the Algarve.

Also contributing to the fair play, the CVT team chose to withdraw one of its elements whenever one of the opposing players was admonished with a 2-minute suspension.

The refereeing team, in the end, rewarding the posture of both teams, during practically the entire game, chose to show them the White Card.

«It is moments like these that highlight the excellence of Handball and that dignify a sport that is increasingly a reference», points out Vela de Tavira.

The game in Sines was part of the National Championship of the 3rd Division of Senior Men's Handball.