Eunice brings “Madalena” to Teatro das Figuras in its premiere in Faro

Teatro das Figuras replaced the Municipal Theater of Portimão in this network for the circulation of shows from the National Theater D. Maria II

The «excellent work» that Teatro das Figuras, from Faro, has been performing, earned him a coveted place in the Eunice Ageas Network, a project for the circulation of shows at the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II. The inaugural show of this network in the Algarve capital, the play “Madalena”, will take place on Sunday, March 27, International Theater Day, at 21 pm.

The Faro cultural space, which was selected from a dozen applications from all over the country, will belong to the Eunice Ageas Network for the next three seasons, until 2024, joining the Portalegre Performing Arts Center, the Cartaxo Cultural Center and the Municipal Theater of Bragança, the three municipal theaters that have been part of this project since the 2019-2020 season.

In practice, Teatro das Figuras replaces Teatro Municipal de Portimão (Tempo), which was a partner in the initiative between 2017 and 2021.

«The network has been in existence since 2016 and has, since then, embodied a desire of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, which is also its mission, to not limit itself to being just a theater in Lisbon and to contribute to the affirmation of of Portuguese theater throughout the national territory", he told Sul Informação Pedro Penim, artistic director of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.

«There is a desire that the shows that are performed and have the support of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (TNDMII), can circulate and be seen by the entire Portuguese population», he added.

The Eunice Ageas Network, which is sponsored by the actress Eunice Muñoz, currently comprises a total of four municipal theaters, which host up to three shows a year, produced or co-produced by D. Maria II.

Each theater integrates this network for a period of three seasons of programming. At the end of this period, applications are opened to create a new municipal theater, «thus ensuring a regular, consistent and diversified presence of the Theater in the national territory», according to the TNDMII.

This was the logic that allowed Teatro das Figuras to apply to belong to the group, a proposal that convinced those responsible for the Eunice Ageas Network.


Pedro Penim_DR


«Of all the applications that we are receiving - because there are, in fact, many theaters interested in being part of this network -, we thought that this need for distribution, combined with the excellent work that is done there, justified the opportunity for Teatro das Figuras to be connected to the network for the next three years, under a protocol», explained Pedro Penim.

With the adhesion to the network, the Faro theater will «start to receive our productions and shows that are shown here at TNDMII».

And the first will be the show “Madalena”, directed by Sara de Castro, a play about the complex biblical figure of Maria Madalena.

This show «has the particularity, which seems very interesting for an inaugural show of the network, of having local actors, amateurs or professionals».

In other words, there is a fixed team, which accompanies Sara de Castro in the different presentations, «but also a side of inclusion with the local cultural fabric».

This leads to «always a specificity in relation to the place where the show is presented».

“We believe that this relationship with Faro it can be transformative, not only for Teatro das Figuras, as has happened with other theaters connected to the network, but also for the National Theater itself, because we work a lot in a collaborative way», assured the artistic director of D. Maria II.

«We received a lot of feedback from the local programmers and I am sure that the relationship with Gil [Silva] will certainly also be very fruitful. It will allow us to better understand what interests the Algarve public and the Teatro das Figuras itself», concluded Pedro Penim.

In addition to “Madalena”, the show “Última Hora”, by Rui Cardoso Martins, staged by Gonçalo Amorim, on the 22nd of April, is already scheduled at the Teatro das Figuras.

Seven municipal theaters have already been or are connected to the Eunice Ageas Network, which has been supported since 2019 by the Ageas Portugal Group, «which hosted a total of 16 shows, covering thousands of spectators in various regions of the country», including the Algarve.