Lagoa Arts School promotes Sculpture Workshops in Sandstone

On the third Saturday of each month

Teaching how to work clay to create works of art is the objective of the Stoneware Sculpture Workshops that Escola de Artes Mestre Fernando Rodrigues is promoting on the third Saturday of each month, between 15 pm and 00 pm.

In this training action, «the foundations of initiation into sculpture will be developed, and then you can proceed to acquire new knowledge and plastic skills», according to the Câmara de Lagoa.

The initiative is promoted by Sandra Afonso, who has a degree in Fine Arts – Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.

The trainees will explore «the creation of form, at the same time we explore our images of the world and ourselves, thus being able to deconstruct stereotypes and prejudices and let ourselves flow with the pleasure of creating and building with clay».

Participation in the Stoneware Sculpture Workshops is subject to prior registration, which must be done via email, being limited to the existing vacancies: minimum 4 people and maximum 8.

The target audience is «adults with curiosity in the visual arts in general or with previous artistic knowledge».