Children from Silves planted pumpkin and cabbage at the Pedagogical Farm in Silves

In May, children will reap what they have sown

Children from the Silves 1, Silves 2 (Enxerim) and SB Messines Kindergartens planted pumpkin and cabbages at the Pedagogical Farm of Silves, as part of the “Biological Spring – Planting of Vegetable Gardens” activity, which took place on the 14th, 16th and 17th of March.

In addition to rolling up their sleeves to “get their hands dirty”, the participants in the initiative were also able to play and visit the Pedagogical Farm of Silves, “in an atmosphere of great joy and fun”, according to the Silvese Chamber.

“A second phase of this activity will take place during the month of May, when the classes involved will return to the Pedagogical Farm to prepare soup, from their crops in the vegetable gardens”, added the municipality.

Promoting individual and collective well-being, motivating children to adopt healthy eating habits and more ecological and sustainable lifestyles, are the main objectives of “Biological Spring – Plantação das Hortas”.