Walkers of 11 nationalities participated in an international event in Ameixial

Meeting had the seal of IML, «the oldest association in the world to hold non-competitive hiking events»

Photo: João Ministro

45 hikers from 11 nationalities walked the mountain trails of Ameixial in the first edition of an international hiking meeting of the IVV world walking federation and IML hiking club, organized locally by the Algarve Hiking Association, which took place on the 5th and 6th of March, in this parish in the interior of the municipality of Loulé.

Hikers from around the world took to the local trails, some of them already bearing the IVV seal, and «discovered the many corners of Ameixial through 10 and 25 kilometer walks», according to the event organizers.

In the end, the local gastronomy also came on the scene, provided by the owner Maria do Café Central, who is already a reference for those who go up the mountains to walk in Ameixial.

This village in the interior of Loulé is, moreover, used to the presence of hikers of different nationalities. But, this time, the event had the particularity of involving «the oldest association in the world to hold non-competitive hiking events» that has «millions of members around the world».

«Even with communication problems with the local inhabitants, the feeling with which the participants left Ameixial was unanimous: they wanted to return», assure the promoters of the meeting.

Hiking is once again highlighted in this mountain village between the 23rd and 25th of April, dates for which the 2022 edition of the WFA – Walking Festival Ameixial.