Algarve Tech Hub Summit discussed “Territory and Tourism”

Presentation «identified the problems of the region and pointed out examples of what has been done in other geographies»

«Landscape has no owner». The words are from José Manuel Simões, president of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT), of the University of Lisbon, this Tuesday, March 29, on the second day of the international conference “Inova Algarve 2.0”, included in the program of the Algarve Tech Hub Summit (ATHS)

According to the organization, the presentation “Territory and Tourism” «identified the problems of the region and pointed out examples of what has been done in other geographies».

«José Manuel Simões spoke about the speed and speed in the production of information, technological changes, urban-tourist transformations and the creation of “non-places”, climate change and rising water levels and the pressure on buildings on the need for selectivity and integration of heritage resources and the role of artistic creativity in the generation of new tourist motivations, such as, the street art or architecture», he adds.

The official gave as examples «the Expo'98 in Lisbon, the Carnival in Loulé or the Chocolate Festival in Óbidos» as events that leveraged territories or the role of certifications and recognition, «whether the Blue Flag, the Clean & Safe seal or distinctions, such as the World Travel Awards, which gave Portugal a leading role».

The president of IGOT also pointed out the «bureaucratic complexities and the insufficiency of the system, legislative non-compliance and cronyism», which adapt the rules to each situation and delay decisions, and gave an example of «aggressions» along the Algarve coast, namely, the case of Sagres.

The researcher pointed out ways: «following new trends, designing new experiences involving communities».