Vodafone Portugal admits to having been «target of cyberattack»

For now, only mobile voice and 3G network have been recovered

Vodafone admitted, in a statement, that it was “the target of a disruption in its network”, which began on the night of February 7, “due to a deliberate and malicious cyberattack with the aim of causing damage and disruption”. The company guarantees that it has no evidence that «Customer data has been accessed and/or compromised».

The company guarantees that “as soon as the first sign of a problem on the network was detected, Vodafone acted immediately to identify and contain the effects and restore services”.

For now, only mobile voice and 3G network have been recovered. The situation continues to affect “the provision of services based on data networks, namely 4G/5G network, fixed voice services, television, SMS and voice/digital answering services”.

Vodafone explains that it has already recovered «mobile voice services and mobile data services are available exclusively on the 3G network in almost the entire country».

However, “unfortunately, the dimension and seriousness of the criminal act to which we were subjected implies a careful and prolonged recovery work for all other services, which involves multiple national and international teams and external partners”. And he promises: «this recovery will happen progressively throughout this Tuesday».

According to Vodafone, there will now be an “in-depth investigation of the criminal act to which we were subjected”, which “will continue for an indefinite period and with the involvement of the competent authorities”. But, he underlines, «to this date, we have no evidence that Customer data has been accessed and/or compromised».

Vodafone states that it is “absolutely determined to restore normal services in the shortest possible time and deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to our customers”.

“We have at Vodafone Portugal and the Group an experienced team of cybersecurity professionals who, together with the competent authorities, are carrying out an in-depth investigation to understand and overcome the situation”, he guarantees.

“We will update information on the status of the service as the situation progresses”, announces Vodafone, ending its statement.