São Brás de Alportel occupies free time for children and young people during the end-of-semester break

José Belchior Viegas School Group adopted a semester calendar

A video production workshop and other leisure activities will be provided by the São Brás de Alportel City Council to the students of the José Belchior Viegas School Group during the upcoming school break days, due to the fact that this group of educational establishments have adopted a half-yearly calendar.

During these two days, the Espaço Jovem de São Brás de Alportel hosts an initiation workshop for video production, an initiative aimed at young people aged between 12 and 30 that «seeks to provide the acquisition of theoretical (aesthetic and practical) knowledge and skills in the field of of Audiovisual".

For registration or additional information, interested parties should contact Espaço Jovem via email e-jovem@cm-sbras.pt, from the Instagram and Facebook.

The municipality, in partnership with the Agrupamento de Escolas and Associação Ensino a Sorrir, also prepared holiday activities for students in the 1st cycle of basic education and pre-school education.

The second semester starts on February 7th, followed by a series of brief academic interruptions, on March 1st (Carnival) and from April 14th to 22nd (Easter Holidays).