Red Seagull offers Water Rescue and Rescue Equipment for the Dock Faro

There is the intention to offer similar equipment to other institutions

The Red Seagull association offered water rescue and rescue equipment to the Clube Naval de Faro, for placement at the Recreation Dock of Faro.

According to Filipe Lara Ramos, president of Red Seagull, this offer aims to «promote greater responsibility and awareness in the use of aquatic environments and develop a culture of safety and prevention, therefore, reaching through prevention where we cannot reach through surveillance».

“We also intend to offer this equipment to other organizations that deal permanently with these spaces”, he added.

Red Seagull is a non-profit association whose objective is aquatic prevention and within the scope of the «SALVA+, Save with knowledge» program.

This program started in 2021 and is aimed at the Prevention of Drowning in the aquatic environment, being organized by Red Seagull, with the aim of helping to reduce the number of drowning deaths in Portugal.