“O Homem de Amália” and Fado by Teresa Landeiro will be featured in Albufeira

Tickets for the shows can now be purchased

“O Homem de Amália”, with Virgílio Castelo

The theatrical show “O Homem de Amália”, with Virgílio Castelo, the Muhsilwan group, within the scope of the XXII Al-Mutamid Music Festival, and the voice of the fado singer Teresinha Landeiro are three of the proposals that mark the February programming of the Municipal Auditorium of Reservoir.

“O Homem da Amália” is the title of the musical that will take the stage next Saturday, February 12, at 21 pm.

The cast includes the actor Virgílio Castelo, in the role of someone who «existed, and ceased to exist, for having fallen in love with a star that could not be reached», says the Albufeira Chamber.

The show is about “the story of a man who dedicated his life and death to following our only diva, wherever she was. Through the fados she sang, the verses she wrote, and the passions she felt, we will accompany Amália for an hour and a quarter, seeing her through the eyes of the man who lived for her, and died for her».

The company also informs that viewers will “remember some things we already knew about her life and learn others that she never spoke about”.

This is «a show brimming with life with everything it entails, from passion to nostalgia, through the brilliance and brilliance of the greatest Portuguese Fado diva ever», highlights the Albufeira municipality.

Tickets for the show cost 15 euros, and the play is intended for people over 12 years old.


Muhsilwan Group


The following Saturday, the 19th, at 21 pm, the stage of the Municipal Auditorium of Albufeira welcomes the Muhsilwan group, «demonstrating the musical and dance expressions of the Afro-Arab world, namely Sudan, Morocco and Guinea-Conakry», within the scope of the XXII Al-Mutamid Music Festival.

Muhsilwan is «a trio of Muslim musicians with Afro-Arab roots and with components from the African continent: Muhammad el Bouzidi (Morocco), Wafir Sheikheldin (Sudan) and Aboubakar Syla (Guinea Conakry)».

Muhsilwan presents a «show based on traditional themes from those three countries where they come from, performed with instruments of enormous visual and sound beauty», explains the municipality.

Tickets cost five euros, and the show is aimed at people over six years of age.


Teresa Landeiro


On the last Saturday of the month, the 26th of February, the voice of Teresinha Landeiro will take the stage at the Municipal Auditorium of Albufeira, at 21:30.

This is «the return of fado in one of the most youthful and promising voices today», in a show entitled “Agora”, referring to the album presented last year, which includes «music written by her, revealing a young, ambitious and light fado. as the very personality of the fado singer».

Tickets to watch the show cost 5 euros.

Tickets for the shows can be purchased at the João Bailote Municipal Gallery, on weekdays, from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 13:30 pm to 17:00 pm, or on the day of the show, at the Municipal Auditorium, between 19:30 pm and 20:30 pm.