Orange Show in Silves marks the return to normality in the Algarve [with video]

With free admission, the Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja even has a bridge made of…oranges



«Nothing better than our Silves Orange Show to mark the beginning» of activities in the Algarve. It was with these words that Rosa Palma, president of the Silvese City Council, opened this morning the 6th Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja, which is taking place until Sunday, the 20th, outside the Fissul pavilion.

The mayor stressed that “last year, we did not stop doing the 5th Mostra, but, because of the restrictions of the pandemic, we had to reinvent ourselves, promoting an edition mainly online”. This year, however, with Covid-19 finally seeming to give a truce, the event returns to face-to-face mode, with due care.

Therefore, all the exhibitors are outdoors, in a space at the back of Fissul, on the banks of the river Arade. The concerts, on the other hand, take place in a giant tent, with a capacity for 600 people, with tickets being subject to the rules still in force for the concert halls.

As for the programme, Rosa Palma stressed that the objective was «to meet all age groups and all tastes». Therefore, there are puppet theaters for children, permanent street entertainment, or concerts with well-known names such as Camané (tonight), Jorge Palma (tomorrow) or Brasa Doirada (on Sunday). There are also activities for the citrus sector, such as the Orange XXI Conference, which is taking place this afternoon.

And because Silves represents «60% of the Algarve's orange production", although not wanting to assume that "the best orange in the world" is produced there - "that's for you to prove" - ​​the Mayor stressed that the Exhibition , with its displays of sweets, liqueurs, jams, craft beer, wine, and a thousand and one gastronomic proposals, it is also a «challenge for the palates». In addition, during this weekend, restaurants in Silves chose orange as the basis of their menus.

To mark the beginning of this 6th edition of the Exhibition, the animation was in charge of the Senior Sports group of Silves, as can be seen in the video:


And, both in the event and in hotspots in the downtown area, there are huge and colorful oranges made in knitting by users of the Lifelong Education Poles.

With free admission, the Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja even has a bridge made of…oranges.


Photos and video: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação