VRSA Parish Council promotes action on dating violence for schools

Initiative is aimed at young students and their parents

The Vila Real de Santo António Parish Council will promote, on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of February, an action for schools on dating violence, with the theme “Dating makes you want to talk”, in protocol with the University of Algarve, within the scope of the internship in Social Education.

According to the municipality, “through a group dynamic, it is intended to alert young people to the distinction between a healthy relationship, an unhealthy relationship and an abusive/violent relationship”.

On Tuesday, the 22nd, at 11:00 am, there will be a session for the students of Escola Secundária de VRSA, while on the following day, at the same time, it will be the turn of Escola D. José I.

On Thursday, 24th, at 15:00 pm, there will be an open session for young people from the Parish, with the special participation of a group of students from the Secondary School, who are carrying out a study/work in the scope of LGBTI people. The action ends on Friday, 25th, at 18:30 pm, with a session for parents, within the scope of Conscious Parenting.

«Not every dating/relationship is a “sea of ​​roses”… and, sometimes in a covert way and culturally defined as romantic, underlying violent behaviors (verbal, emotional, physical, psychological, etc.) ».


The Parish Council appeals: «if you are 12 years old or older and want to participate, you can ask your school for the days mentioned. For the other days, you can also register through the link https://forms.gle/XTppeyzGNtmyYkaJ9 or send an email to juntafreguesiavrsa@gmail.com with your personal data. Parents can also register via this link or send an email».

Today, the 18th, is the deadline for registration, with a maximum of up to 30 people. These activities will take place in the multipurpose hall of the Parish Council, with a duration of 60 minutes.

If you would like any additional information or clarification, you can contact the municipality on the number 962 881 651.

It is mandatory to wear a mask and respect the preventive measures applicable in the context of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 disease.