43-year-old Englishwoman arrested with a car “loaded” with drugs in Barão de São João

Woman will be present to judge tomorrow, starting at 9 am

A 43-year-old English woman, who had drugs in her car, was arrested on the morning of this Wednesday, February 23, in a stop operation, in Barão de São João, Lagos. 

GNR source told the Sul Informação that the seizure took place around 11:00 am.

In the vehicle, the woman had 5,4 grams of cannabis, 45,4 grams of hashish, 1,5 grams of crack and 3,6 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Added to this are 106,9 grams of tobacco with cannabis and 73 ectasy. 

The GNR also learned a 48-centimeter machete, three cell phones and 668,3 euros in cash.

This woman is detained and will be present tomorrow, from 9:00 am, to the judge to apply the coercive measures.

The session will take place at the Lagos Court.