Grupo AP reopens hotels in Tavira and Portimão this week

Hotel units will reopen in February, on the 8th (Tavira) and 10th (Portimão)

AP Maria Nova Lounge Hotel Tavira

The AP Maria Nova Lounge hotels, in Tavira, and AP Oriental Beach, in Praia da Rocha (Portimão), will reopen on the 8th and 10th of February, respectively.

The four-star hotel, AP Maria Nova Lounge, located in Tavira, is characterized by being a «adult friendly hotel» now reopening its doors and offering «different options of rooms and suites», as well as «gym, pool and spa services», says the AP Hotels & Resorts Group.

The AP Oriental Beach hotel, located opposite Praia da Rocha, in Portimão, is also a «adult friendly hotel with a fantastic location» and which «has a superb view», as well as «a fantastic swimming pool and gym».


AP Oriental Beach, Portimao


«These units are now waiting for their customers, who want to enjoy the spring sun that is already being felt, which invites them to take long walks along the beach and to try the delicacies that the Algarve region has to offer at this time of year», he concludes.

The AP Hotels & Resorts group was created in 2015 and belongs to Madre Turismo, owned by António Parente, with the aim of being a reference in the Algarve hotel market.