GNR fines caravans for staying overnight in forbidden places in Albufeira

51 infraction notices were raised

The GNR issued 51 fines to motorhomes for staying overnight in unauthorized places, in an action carried out yesterday, February 22, in the municipality of Albufeira.

Of the administrative offense records prepared, 31 were for overnight stays “in the same municipality for a period longer than 48 hours, outside the places expressly authorized for that purpose”, and the other 20 “for overnight stays in an area covered by the Coastal Planning Plan”.

«Camping and wild caravanning is an identified problem that is a factor in the destruction of habitats, some of them protected, in addition to representing an excessive occupation of public spaces, coastal areas and areas classified by motorhomes and the like, with negative consequences for the landscape, the environment, spatial planning and public health», framed the GNR.