Farense accuses referee of «shameful performance» and asks for VAR also in the II League

«The shameful performance of a refereeing team, witnessed at the Fair, should not be repeated»

João Rodrigues, president of SAD do Farense – File photo

A "shameful performance". This is how Farense defines the refereeing of João Pinho, in the game this Tuesday, February 8, against Feirense that the Algarve lost by 4-1. In a statement without tongue pops, the SAD of the team of Faro also calls for VAR to be extended to the Second League. 

The refereeing errors, pointed out by Farense, are mainly three: Feirense's first goal, at 17′, which comes from a «very dubious foul», an unmarked penalty, at 45′, for the Algarve, for «an obvious hand on the ball» and the penalty awarded, in the 47th minute, to Feirense, «in a bid in which there was no irregularity».

In an extensive statement, Farense's SAD does not spare the criticism of João Pinho's refereeing who, they argue, "clearly prevented us from having clear possibilities to discuss the result in the home of one of the strongest candidates for the promotion".

In addition to the analysis errors, Farense considers that João Pinho had, "during the entire match, an intimidating attitude towards the players and the technical team".


«In the face of these facts, televised live, we cannot keep our indignation and repudiation – once again – although we have remained silent on the subject of “arbitrations” throughout the season. However, once again, and after what happened last season with wide public recognition, and also several times this season, we cannot silence our voice whenever we are heavily injured», says SAD do Farense.

One of the measures defended by the Algarve is the introduction of VAR (video referee) also in the II Liga.

This «homogenization» – the technology has already been in place in the I Liga for a few seasons – «begins to become essential in the name of the so-called sporting truth of our professional football. We know that VAR alone does not solve all problems but it would certainly help to reduce human error”.

The Algarve people reveal that they will «denounce» their concerns «to all institutions that have the obligation to guarantee a healthy professional competition in Portugal, hoping that they do not “fall on deaf ears”».

«The shameful performance of a refereeing team, witnessed at the Fair, should not be repeated. It cannot be repeated in any field. No more vain and innocuous words, without consequences, of simple regret and condemnation are not acceptable. And protagonists who behave incompetently and arrogantly must be held accountable.”