Coletivo JAT returns to present the show “Asas de Papel” in Faro

The show will have three sessions, on the 11th, 12th and 13th of February, in the IPDJ auditorium

Photo: JAT – Hugo Martins de Oliveira

The show “Asas de papel”, produced by Coletivo JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro, will return to the stages of Faro, with three sessions in the auditorium of the Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude (IPDJ), on the 11th, 12th and 13th of February.

The play “Paper Wings” went through Faro in 2020, with two sold-out performances at Teatro Lethes, and, once again, JAT decides to «reopen the book of this magical, wordless show, which tells the story of a mother and daughter who, absorbed by the daily rhythm of modern , they end up moving away from each other”.

«The mother, a slave to work, disconnects from her human side, while her daughter takes refuge in a book, which will be her company and a window to fantastic worlds», explains the JAT.

Through reading, «stimulating curiosity and imagination», the daughter «finds characters, adventures, company and a pure contact with herself and with a world forgotten by those adults who renounced their most intimate and pure part. The child's enthusiasm for discovering books will infect his mother, allowing her to recover her humanity, the meaning of life and her relationship with her daughter».

This show is the result of «a work of choreographic synchrony, in an empty space, where pampering and interpretation are placed at the service of a profound message about the risks of the mechanization of society and the dehumanization of the individual».

“A moving story of love, imagination and hope”, stresses JAT.

Diana Bernedo and Miguel Martins Pessoa stage this mimodrama, which features the interpretation of Bruna Pinheiro, Ilda Nogueira, Jorge Oliveira, Laura Parneva, Patrícia Mendes and Vasco Seromenho.

The sessions on Friday, February 11th, and Saturday, 12th, will take place at 21:30 pm, and on Sunday, at 17:00 pm. Tickets cost eight euros for adults and five euros for children under 18. Reservations can be made by email [email protected] or through website.

The play will also travel to Seville, on February 5, as part of the program of the 4th Festival ÉTICO, Encuentro de Teatro Inclusivo y Comunitario, at Teatro TNT Atalaya.

JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro is a theater company based in Faro, which was born «from the desire to form a company specialized in Physical Theater: a theater where the physicality of the scenic artist assumes special relevance, and the research of the poetic and extra-daily body is placed at the service of new dramaturgies. A theater that doesn't need the use of the word, but that doesn't leave it aside».

The company is directed by Diana Bernedo, a Basque actress and director, and by Miguel Martins Pessoa, a Portuguese actor and director. ”, “Sons of evolution”, “Cocktail”, “Cinema Miami” and “Sai da Frente”.

In parallel with the creation of shows, JAT develops «a strong Theatrical Training project in the Algarve», with the offer of «a range of workshops, where different disciplines of theater in general, and physical theater in particular, are direct workshops and workshops in Portugal, England, Spain and Italy».