Lagos Cultural Center hosts “Contested Desires” exhibition

Exhibition can be visited until the 26th of February, being entitled, on some days, to guided tours

The exhibition “Contested Desires” can be visited until the 26th of February, at the Centro Cultural de Lagos, featuring works by the artists Anna Carreras (Spain), Akeelah Bertram (United Kingdom) and Stelios Kallinikou (Cyprus), as a result of their artistic residency in Lagos.

According to LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, this is a project «which takes place in a particular period when it is important to reflect on the growing destabilizing and divisive social and political impacts (fruits of populism), which play with the power of fear of the "other" conveying “our” “identity” to a new form of protectorate».

“Contested Desires” is a platform for reflection and learning that «offers cultural managers and the nine selected artists a program of research, symposia, artistic residencies and exhibitions and a crossroads of experiences and artistic paths of great plurality, in different social contexts. , cultural and geographical'.

This is a project supported by the European Creative Europe program that brings together six artistic and cultural organizations from six different countries, namely Culture in Transit (United Kingdom), La Bonne (Spain), LAC (Portugal), Xarkis (Cyprus), Fresh Milk (Barbados) and ECCOM (Italy), which, in a process of exchange of collaborative production, work on the transversal theme of the entire project: the colonial historical heritage and its influence on the understanding of contemporary culture.

LAC is part of this international partnership, «reinforcing one of its main guidelines, which has been conveying much of the journey as a structure of cultural dynamism: the creation of "bridges" between the "historical heritage" and contemporary and artistic creation. the creative potential and to stimulate artistic work, which they represent».

The project, which brings together a total of 21 elements between technical and artistic teams, started in October 2019 and will end in July 2022, having already carried out, in Lagos, some project actions, namely, meetings of partners, workshops training and artistic residencies.

The LAC educational service will promote guided tours of this exhibition on the 8th, 15th and 22nd of February.

All information about the project can be found at website of the exhibition or in Facebook.