CDU says that the result of the Legislative is a “negative element in the life of the Algarve”

Communists won 4,81% (9.379 votes) in Algarve

«A negative element in the life of the Algarve and the country». This is how the CDU reacts to the results of the Legislative Assembly held this Sunday, January 30, in which it was unable to elect any deputy for the electoral district of Faro. 

The CDU obtained 4,81% (9.379 votes) in the Algarve, which «translates an electoral fall». In 2019, the last Legislatures, this left-wing coalition had 7,05% (12.180 votes).

This result is “below the work” that the CDU “carried out and the decisive contribution it has made to the advances and achievements achieved in the last six years, the value of the solutions it has presented for the problems of the Algarve and the Country and of the wide clarification campaign and mobilization for the vote he held».

According to the communists, the "absolute majority achieved by the PS (with five deputies in the region), achieved following the blackmail that precipitated the holding of elections, benefited from the scenario of bipolarization and dramatization of the danger of the right, built up over the last few weeks ».

The result of the PSD (with two deputies in the region), “below the objectives and expectations advanced, as well as the non-election of any deputy by the CDS (at the national level), are inseparable from the memory of the action of the PSD/CDS Government”.

«His replacements, IL and Chega (who elected a deputy in the region), have an increase in electoral expression, influenced by the promotion made over the last few years, fueling their reactionary conceptions», says the CDU.

«BE loses an important part of its electoral expression (including the deputy in the Algarve), even in a context of high media visibility that did not fail to occur», accuse the communists.

The secretariat of the PCP's Regional Organization Directorate (DORAL) considers that, «regardless of shortcomings that need to be overcome, the results of the legislative elections are inseparable from a number of factors».

Namely: «the operation carried out after the dissolution of the Assembly of the Republic to favor the construction of a central bloc, the insistent lie of accountability of the PCP for the holding of elections, regarding the non-approval of the State Budget Proposal for 2022, the abusive appropriation by the PS of the advances achieved in the last six years, the promotion and favoring of other political forces, namely reactionary forces, converging with the devaluation and discrimination of the CDU, the holding of elections in an epidemic situation that affected social relationships and jeopardized a work of proximity and contact so characteristic of the CDU».

Even so, DORAL «welcomes the remarkable intervention of candidates, activists and many people without party affiliation who, with extraordinary dedication, took on the work of mobilization and clarification for the vote in the CDU».

The PCP also salutes “all voters who have placed their trust in the CDU and, particularly, those who have done so for the first time, ensuring that this support and vote extend beyond the day of the elections in defense of their rights”.

«Workers and the people can count on the PCP and its decisive intervention in the defense and affirmation of their rights within a framework of an absolute majority of the PS and for the fight against reactionary and anti-democratic projects», he concludes.