200 people demonstrated in Faro against the war in Ukraine [with video]

Mayor Rogério Bacalhau participated in the initiative

About 200 people took part, in the late afternoon of Thursday, 24 February, in a demonstration against the war in Ukraine, which took place in downtown Faro.

In addition to having a Ukrainian flag placed on the bandstand, protesters held up posters with phrases such as “Putin Killer” or “Stop War”.

The national anthem of Ukraine was also heard.

Among the hundreds of participants in the initiative was Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro.

The demonstration took place the day Russia invaded Ukraine. Russian troops have already attacked several Ukrainian cities, including Kiev, the capital.

Sites such as the Chernobyl plant are also already in the possession of the Russian army.

The invasion of Ukraine – the biggest attack between countries in Europe since World War II – has been criticized all over the world. The United States of America and the United Kingdom have already announced strong sanctions on the Putin regime.

The anthem of Ukraine was sung