VRSA renegotiates cleaning and garbage collection contract so that it reaches «the entire county»

City council executive intends to present to the opposition «the contours of the new contract and collect contributions and suggestions»

The cleaning and garbage collection services in Vila Real de Santo António will be expanded and start to reach more places in the municipality, under the terms of a renegotiation of the contract between Ecoambiente and the municipality of Vilareal.

The agreement between the municipality and the company made it possible to make «several changes» to the previous contract, namely «an increase in the levels of coverage, efficiency and human resources, in order to guarantee the correct cleaning and public hygiene of the entire municipality».

"To make the understanding more comprehensive, the executive of the City Council will hold a set of meetings with the parties with seats in the municipal bodies to present the contours of the new contract and collect contributions and suggestions", according to the VRSA Chamber.

«The negotiation process with Ecoambiente is the result of a vast set of meetings held with the company and aims to bring to the municipality gains in the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided, seeking to correct situations that have motivated complaints from the population», framed the municipality.

On the other hand, the new contract "aims to obtain the best cost-benefit ratio for the municipality - which will honor all the charges that will be defined in the agreement - so that a service of excellence can be provided to the population in terms of cleaning urban».

“The objective of this renegotiation is also to avoid the set of defaults that, in the past, resulted in the accumulation of a debt to the company in the amount of 1,2 million euros, jeopardizing the effectiveness and sustainability of the operation”, concluded the company. Chamber.