Want to visit the Fortress of Sagres? Then go to the Roman Ruins of Milreu in Estoi

Photographic exhibition “Oficinas no Cabo do Mundo” continues its tour of the region

Anyone who wants to visit the Fortress of Sagres «through the eyes of the other» will be able to do so until the 28th of February… at the Roman Ruins of Milreu, in Estoi.

The monument of the municipality of Faro Since Friday, it has been hosting the photographic exhibition “Oficinas no Cabo do Mundo”, «a project that involved young people who attend the Professional Course of Tourism Technician at the Cândido Guerreiro Professional School and seniors residing in the parish of Alte who were invited by them to embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, learning, sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge, sharing affections and artistic creation about the Fortress of Sagres», according to the In Loco association, one of the project's partners.

The exhibition invites you to visit the Fortress of Sagres «through the gaze of the other, the way he saw and felt that space, how he discovered the tenuous lines, the ephemeral shadows, the details, the imperceptible nuances, the fleeting moments, paralyzing the movement, immortalizing the moment, photographing in a unique and artistic way, producing unforgettable images and memories, transforming images into poetry, making a click a message, from a small detail an instant, a memory».

The project, which is based on an original idea by Isa Catarina Mateus, was developed from May to October 2021 within the scope of the Program for the Promotion and Valorization of Monuments (DiVaM), of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve and has already been shown in several places. .

After being exhibited at the Fortress of Sagres, between August and October 2021, the exhibition was shown at the Cândido Guerreiro and Condes de Alte Museum Pole, at the Rosmaninho Restaurant, in Sarnadas, also in the Louletana parish of Alte, and at the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, in Faro.

The In Loco association, the Alte Parish Council, the Alte Professional School and its Cândido Guerreiro Professional School, the Alte Parish Community Development and Animation Center, the Alte People's House/Alte Youth are the partners that promoted this project, which had the support of the Municipality of Loulé, namely the Municipal Museum – Cândido Guerreiro and Condes de Alte Museum Pole, the Algarve Tourism Region and the International Federation of Film Clubs.

The ongoing roaming has been supported by the entities, organizations and companies that have hosted it at their facilities.