PSD defends quality health for all Algarve people and without discrimination

The list of priorities also includes the expansion of the Continuing Care network and the creation of a response in the area of ​​palliative care.

Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação (File)

PSD candidates by the circle of Faro to Legislative 2022 defend «a true policy of proximity that brings more and better health to the population of the Algarve».

According to the PSD Algarve, and according to data from the Central Administration of Health Systems, “in December there were 20 more people from the Algarve without a family doctor than in January 2018, which demonstrates the Government’s lack of commitment to strengthening care primary health care in the region'.

«It is urgent to ensure access to quality health care in good time for all who live and visit the Algarve region, by increasing the coverage of the primary care network», highlights the PSD Algarve.

«Today, in the Algarve, it is clear that those who have no money, it is very difficult to have quick and easy access to health. With waiting times increasing and with more and more families without a doctor in primary health care, health is a good only for a few", says Luís Gomes, head of the PSD list for the circle of Faro.

«And it is curious that the PS is now promising for the future what it has not done in recent years, even having made promises that, we see now, were nothing more than campaign slogans. A good opportunity was lost, especially for the region, since we had someone with governmental functions», the candidate also says.

The PSD defends the construction of the Central Hospital of the Algarve, equipped with all the necessary human and technical means, «so that it can fulfill its mission in the region». This structure “is increasingly urgent and must be accompanied by a reinforcement of staff and updating of the equipment of the Hospitals of Portimão and Lagos to respond to the resident population and to all those who visit us”.

Also on the list of priorities for PSD candidates is the expansion of the Continuing Care network and the creation of a response in the area of ​​palliative care that can meet the needs of the Algarve.