PS says that health «can be an economic complement to tourism» in the Algarve

Socialist candidacy passed by the University of Algarve, Loulé and São Brás de Alportel

The PS candidates for the Algarve, in the next Legislatives, dedicated this Thursday, January 6th, to health, considering that this sector «can be an economic complement to tourism» in the region. 

According to the PS, «the contribution of the University of the Algarve, the Faculty of Medicine, the Superior School of Health, the pharmaceutical sciences and structures such as the ABC – Algarve Biomedical Center» is important for this purpose.

The socialists visited UAlg and ABC and revealed, in a press release, that the Algarve “may even have its first integrated master's and doctoral degree in medicine”.

The «seven-year training that follows the innovative principles of the medicine course of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the Algarve, combining clinical practice and scientific research, is still «dependent on the approval of the higher education accreditation and assessment agency».

«The University of Algarve, since its inception, has assumed an unavoidable role in retaining talent in the region and in incorporating innovation and knowledge into the productive fabric. Currently, the University appears as an indispensable catalyst for overcoming the challenge of diversifying the Algarve's economic base», says Jamila Madeira, head of the list for the PS.

The Socialist candidates for the Assembly of the Republic also visited, in Loulé, the Lauroe Family Health Unit, the USF Serra e Mar and the Health Center, whose competition for the new building, an investment of 5 million euros, is awaiting approval from the Court. of Accounts for their consignment and the vaccination center of Loulé where they verified the great adhesion of teachers and children.

The Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the South, in São Brás de Alportel, was another piece of equipment that received visits from PS candidates to the Assembly of the Republic.