Urban subdivision operations in Lagos can now be consulted online

Câmara added a new feature to the Lagos City platform

The urban subdivision operations carried out in Lagos can now be consulted, through of the online application for issuing location plans of the City Council.

The information that becomes available «provides the visualization of the limits of the subdivision areas, the generalized access to the plans of the subdivisions in pdf format, as well as access to other attributes associated with each of these urban operations, facilitating the knowledge of elements until here only possible through the non-dematerialized consultation of the respective processes», according to the Lagos Chamber.

«Through this new functionality, it becomes much easier for interested parties to carry out searches related to existing subdivisions in the area of ​​​​the municipality of Lagos, to know the urban parameters associated with a particular plot or to access key references of a permit for subsequent consultation request process in municipal services", added the municipality.

The online consultation does not have, warns the Chamber, «the necessary requirements to waive the confirmation or certification by the municipal services of the written and drawn elements available, namely for the purposes of investigating processes».

However, «the wealth of information that is now provided constitutes an important strengthening of the Lagos City platform».