Algarve Parents Associative Movement organizes 1st Regional Meeting in online mode

The initiative will take place this Friday, January 28, at 21:30 pm, through the Zoom platform

MAP Algarve – Movimento Associativo de Pais do Algarve will organize the 1st Regional Meeting of Associations of Parents, to take place on the 28th of January, at 21:30, through the Zoom platform.

The Associations of Parents and Guardians bring together "a group of people who, more than being responsible for the education of their children and students, are also committed to the educational success of all students in their educational community, as well as to their growth as human beings», says MAP Algarve.

As legitimate representatives of their educational community, parents' associations "are an active part in the solutions desired by all, therefore needing an increasingly effective training for the performance of such noble functions".

In this first Regional Meeting of Parents' Associations in the Algarve «this is what we will try to do».

“What role do these organizations play? What, after all, are associations of parents and guardians for? Where are they represented and the weight of this representation? What is the importance of representatives of classroom and class parents as an extended team of parents' associations?”.

It is to give (and find) answers to these and other questions that twelve organizations of the parental associative movement in the Algarve promote this virtual meeting, with the participation of Alberto Santos, member of the CONFAP EC.

Enrollment is free and mandatory, and interested parties must fill out the form.