562 lives were saved at sea in 2021

Efficiency rate of maritime search and rescue service exceeds 99%

During 2021, the Portuguese Navy coordinated 420 maritime search and rescue (SAR) actions, resulting in 562 lives saved.

Coordination was carried out through the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centers in Lisbon, Ponta Delgada and the Funchal Subcentre.

In the Azores, 113 search and rescue actions were registered, with 79 people being saved.

In the area relating to the Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue Subcenter, in the year just ended, there were 31 SAR actions, in which 41 people were saved.

The remaining 276 actions took place in the action area coordinated by the Lisbon Search and Rescue Coordination Center, resulting in 442 people successfully rescued.

The effectiveness rate of the maritime search and rescue service exceeds 99%, which constitutes an international reference and an example of excellent operational cooperation.

«For the success of the search and rescue system, different organizations contribute and resources from various entities are committed, namely the Portuguese Navy, the National Maritime Authority, the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) and other resources and means belonging to the Auxiliary Structure of the National System of Search and Rescue, in particular of the National Institute of Medical Emergency – Center for Guidance of Urgent Patients at Sea (INEM CODU-MAR), of the National and Regional Civil Protection and Fire Services, of the Maritime and Port Administrations, among other bodies» , stresses the National Maritime Authority.

Highlight also for "the support provided by merchant ships in search and rescue actions, which deviate from their commercial routes to provide the necessary assistance, always coordinated by the National Centers - MRCC Lisbon and MRCC Delgada".

The Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centers have already been recognized nationally and internationally with several awards.