And the word of the year, chosen by cyber readers, is…

There were nine more candidate words

…Vaccine. Because, «developed in record time, vaccines have become the greatest weapon against COVID-19 and Portugal is one of the world leaders in its inoculation».

A WORD OF THE YEAR® is an initiative of Porto Editora whose main objective is to underline the lexical richness and creative dynamism of the Portuguese language, a living and precious heritage of all who express themselves in it, thus emphasizing the importance of words and their meanings in production individual and social senses with which we interpret and build our own life».

The list of candidate words for WORD OF THE YEAR® It is the product of the permanent work of observation and monitoring of the reality of the Portuguese language, carried out by Porto Editora, through the analysis of frequency and distribution of the use of words and the importance they achieve, both in the media and social networks as well as in the query log online e mobile devices from Porto Editora's dictionaries, also taking into account the suggestions of the Portuguese through the website

In 2021, there were still other candidate words: blackout, bazooka, cryptocurrency, mobility, moratorium, budget, podcast, resilience and telework.