Create a game in 48 hours: ETIC_Algarve participates in the Global Game Jam – Hackathon

Registration is free and free.

Create a game in 48 hours. This is the challenge of another Global Game Jam – Hackathon, in which ETIC_Algarve will participate, from 17:00 on January 28th.

This is a worldwide event, with ETIC_Algarve hosting up to 60 participants, giving access to all the necessary technology and resources.

Even though it is an event aimed at students from various areas of education at the school, such as Sound and Music, Design and, of course, Videogames, it will also be open to the general public.

That is: «to professionals and curious people who share this fascination for creating innovative content», explains ETIC.

«ETIC_Algarve asserts itself once again as a vanguard in the training dedicated to this “market” in the south of the country, also allowing the affirmation of quality creatives and technicians in this region», says Nuno Ribeiro, director of ETIC_Algarve.

Registration is free, free and can be done. here