Covid-19: Number of new cases drops in the Algarve and across the country

Descent is also related to the fact that yesterday was a holiday

The Algarve has 340 new cases of Covid-19, less than yesterday, and two more deaths, on a day when infections, nationwide, also dropped, according to the bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health this Sunday, 2 January .

This drop in the number of new cases is closely related to the fact that yesterday, the 1st, was a holiday. Despite this, the drop is significant – yesterday's report, the 1st, reported 23.290 cases, 628 of which in the Algarve.

Today, the number of infections nationwide is 11.080 (340 in the Algarve region).

Despite the data on new cases, the situation of the pandemic remains different from that which existed a year ago.



To give you an idea, on January 2, 2021, Portugal had 3.241 cases, but 73 deaths – today, according to the DGS report, there were 14.

Focusing precisely on today's bulletin, the Directorate-General for Health reports 6111 cases in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, 2998 in the North, 596 in the Center, 525 in Madeira, 374 in Alentejo, 340 in the Algarve and 136 in the Azores.

As for the 14 deaths, they are distributed over Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (5), North (4), Algarve (2), Center (1), Alentejo (1) and Madeira (1).

After the number of admissions went down yesterday, today it went up. There are currently 1081 people in the ward (+58) and 148 in intensive care (+6).



Still, the numbers are different from last year. On January 2, 2021, Portugal registered 2858 inpatients in the infirmary and 492 in the ICU.

According to today's bulletin from DGS, active cases are up again and are now 203.322 (+7.099). There were a further 3.967 retrieved.

The risk matrix maintains the values ​​from the Friday update. which gave an R(t), or transmissibility index, of 1,35, at national level, and of 1,36, considering only mainland territory.

The incidence is 1.182,7 cases of infection by Covid-19 per 100 inhabitants, nationwide and 1.188,4 cases, excluding the islands.