CDU takes part in action with workers at Mar Shopping Algarve

Initiative took place this Tuesday morning, January 4th

Candidates and CDU activists took part this Tuesday morning, January 4th, in a contact action with workers at Mar Shopping Algarve, as part of the pre-campaign for Legislative Elections on January 30th.

According to the coalition, "at the center of the concerns raised by the workers" that were transmitted to the CDU was "the situation of low wages". The majority of workers at Mar shopping «have the national minimum wage as a reference, and many of them receive much lower values ​​as they are part-time».

"The problems of precariousness, with the instability that this represents in the life of each one, such as the deregulation of working hours, as well as the lack of public transport, pose serious difficulties to the organization of the personal lives of hundreds of workers."

The coalition emphasizes that, «whether in Mar Shopping or in other major distribution locations, while low wages and the attack on rights prevail, we are witnessing the accumulation of high profits and the distribution of large dividends by economic groups that there they intervene».

The CDU, through the voice of Catarina Marques, reaffirmed "the commitment to defend the general increase in salaries, including the national minimum wage to 850 euros, in 2023 (800 euros in 2022)".

He also reaffirmed "the fight against the deregulation of working hours and the application of the principle that a permanent job must correspond to an effective employment contract".

The absence of public transport was also addressed by the CDU which “requires the reinforcement of the offer of transport as a public service”, he concludes.