CDU warns that requalification of the Baleeira fishing port «continues without leaving paper»

Catarina Marques visited the fishing port on the afternoon of this Thursday, January 13

The CDU candidate for Legislative 2022 by the circle of Faro Catarina Marques visited this Thursday, January 13, the fishing port of Baleeira, in Sagres, recalling that its requalification «continues without leaving the paper.

According to the coalition, the candidate "had the opportunity to contact fishermen and confirm that, despite the successive denunciations of the PCP and the many promises of the Government, the security conditions of that port remain to be ensured".

The coalition says it has found that “the floating pier, which opened on September 7, 2018, is almost completely inoperable, now functioning without the access bridge, like an islet, where some fishermen deposit some of their fishing gear. The construction of this quay did not respond to the much-needed rehabilitation of the quay bridges in the port of Baleeira».

As for the rehabilitation of the South pier, “a promise that has been going on for many years, it was not even started when the Government had committed to its completion in early 2021. The equipment storage area still lacks containers size suitable for storing fishing gear'.



Catarina Marques mentioned, with the fishermen, that «the promises are many. but the investments foreseen by Docapesca continue without leaving the paper. This is the state of the art, in a sector that should and could be strategic for our country, such as fishing».

According to the coalition, «it is necessary to invest in the requalification of the Algarve bars and ports, to support this sector by valuing both the income of shipowners and the salaries of fishermen».

«In an activity subject to so much uncertainty, even today due to weather conditions, these fishermen stayed on land and it is necessary to guarantee safety conditions and a stable income for these men who face the sea every day».

The CDU candidate also had the opportunity, in the municipalities of Aljezur and Vila do Bispo, to contact workers from the two municipalities and visit various local businesses.