CDS debates the role of the social sector in the Algarve with ex-minister Pedro Mota Soares

Mota Soares had a Solidarity, Work and Social Security portfolio in the Passos Coelho government

The CDS organizes next Friday, 21 January, at 21 pm, a debate on the role of the social sector in the Algarve, with the presence of former minister Pedro Mota Soares, at the Portimão Museum.

The former governor, who had the Solidarity, Work and Social Security portfolio, will participate in this conversation in which he will talk about the response to the current social crisis in the region.

The initiative will also have as guests José Pedro Caçorino, head of the CDS list, and people linked to the social sector.

The centrist campaign in the Algarve will also feature, on the previous day, Thursday (20), with the presence of Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, president of the CDS.

The leader will visit CASA, in Albufeira, at 17 pm, and will have dinner, from 00 pm, at the Hotel Vila Petra. This moment will be attended by all CDS candidates for the Algarve and Francisco Camacho, leader of Juventude Popular.