CDS: Campaign passes through Fortaleza de Sagres, NERA and Mercados

José Pedro Caçorino is the head of the list

Photo: Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos and José Pedro Caçorino – CDS

The CDS/Algarve campaign will take place on the afternoon of this Thursday, January 20, at the Fortaleza de Sagres (15:30 pm), followed, in the next few days, by visits to NERA – Business Center of the Algarve Region and the Loulé Markets, Quarteira and Portimão.

In addition to the trip to Sagres, there will also be contact actions with small traders in Vila do Bispo with the presence of José Pedro Caçorino (list head), Mónica Ferreira, Vasco Feio and Luís Afonso, also candidates for the CDS-PP in the Algarve.

For tomorrow, the 21st, a visit to Associação Existir and NERA (Loulé, from 11:00 am), a trip to Altura, Vila Real de Santo António (15:00 pm) and a visit to the Cannprisma company is scheduled.

Finally, on Saturday, the day is dedicated to the markets, with visits to Loulé (9:00 am), Quarteira (11:00 am) and Portimão.

In the afternoon, a street action is scheduled at Casa Inglesa and Zona Ribeira de Portimão, as well as a debate with the former centrist minister Pedro Mota Soares.