VRSA Chamber concludes contract and ensures operation of Escola D. José I

Municipality terminated the contract with the company that was carrying out the works due to "successive delays and non-compliance"

The municipality of Vila Real de Santo António announced this Friday, January 7, the conclusion of the contract to replace the cover of the EB 2/3 D. José I School, in an investment of 116 thousand euros + VAT.

According to the City Council, this contract aims to "remove all asbestos components present in the structure and apply new materials", leading the municipality to fulfill «the commitment to finish the work at the beginning of the second academic period».

As a result of the successive non-compliances recorded, the City Council «was obliged to terminate the contract with the contractor responsible for the works» and to make «the assignment of the contractual position to a new company, ensuring that, during the interruption of school activities at the end of the of the first period, the operation of the school would be resumed'.

Taking into account «the damage caused in the interior - due to the delay of the work -, namely infiltrations and other damages that will require repairs", the school management "chose to keep only the second cycle students in these facilities", explains the municipality. .

The third cycle classes will, therefore, during the second period, attend classes in the building of the Universidade dos Tempos Livres, provided by the municipality and located 300 meters from the school headquarters, with the exception of Physical Education classes, which will take place in the Pavilion of School.

In order to safeguard the best teaching and learning conditions, the Vila Real de Santo António City Council collaborated in adapting the premises of the Universidade dos Tempos Livres, namely «in the installation of computer equipment and lighting, providing the building with the best functional conditions for students and teachers».

The property was also subject to inspections by the Municipal Civil Protection Service and the Local Public Health Authority, to ensure all health and safety standards, and traffic was also stopped and temporary parking was prohibited on Rua Dr. António Passos, in order to «prolong the external areas and increase the circulation spaces».

The Directorate of Services for the Algarve Region of the General Directorate of School Establishments “has already launched the necessary procedures to ensure the repair of the affected rooms in the headquarters building, and it is expected that all works will be completed by the end of the second academic period”, highlights the autarky.

The work to replace the roof “should have been completed by the end of November, but the successive delays in the acquisition of material by the contractor prevented compliance with the stipulated deadlines”.

For these reasons, the VRSA Chamber concludes by saying that “it will apply all pecuniary and indemnity sanctions, for breach of contract, that prove to be relevant to deal with the losses and damages caused”.