Câmara de Aljezur welcomes new family doctor in the county

For the realization of this reinforcement, «it was fundamental to encourage the municipality with the guarantee of accommodation», says the municipality

The Chamber of Aljezur welcomed the placement, since January 3, of another family doctor in the Personalized Health Care Unit (UCSP). 

This placement, says the municipality, took place "after multiple contacts and presentations were made by the Aljezur City Council, with the Ministry of Health, the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve and the Barlavento Health Center Group on the lack of staff doctor at the Aljezur Health Center and at the Odeceixe and Rogil centers».

For the implementation of this reinforcement, «it was essential to encourage the municipality with the guarantee of accommodation, as happened with other professionals, from the medical career, placed in the Centro Saúde de Aljezur», according to the Municipality.