PSD's top list defends an improvement in the provision of public transport in the Algarve

Candidate defends "the creation of a public transport corridor powered by clean energy".

The PSD announced, in a press release, that "to bet on a real public transport network that can promote the mobility of the population in the Algarve, who are increasingly dependent on their own car".

One of the proposals that Luís Gomes, head of the list for the circle of Faro to the next legislative, it wants to see urgently implemented is "the creation of a corridor of public transport powered by clean energy".

At first, he argues, "the link should be established between Faro, Olhão and Loulé, with possible connection to São Brás de Alportel».

But «the connection of the International Airport of Faro This network is also fundamental for the region and for the country, as this structure, which in 2019, handled nearly 9 million passengers, continues to be one of the few in Europe without an integrated transport network. public. In a second moment, the expansion of this network to the whole Algarve should be promoted».

«The last few years have left the Algarve further and further removed from the evolution of the public transport network. Nowadays, a citizen who wants to move around the region either has his own vehicle or will have great difficulties in making a normal and unconstrained life. This is a reality that the PSD Algarve will change in the next legislature. We cannot continue to depend on our own car, not only because it represents too high a cost for the population, but also because of the impact it has on the environment”, says Luís Gomes.

Investing in a public transport network also involves the electrification of the Algarve Railway Line (work already in progress), «giving it adequate rolling stock, and the coordination of municipal bus services, which are currently operating in the region, making the system more environmentally sustainable”, stresses the Social Democratic candidate.