Bloco de Esquerda meets with Monchique Firefighters and remembers those injured in the fire

José Gusmão made a commitment not to forget the support that was promised to the victims of these fires

José Gusmão, candidate of the Left Bloc (BE) for the Algarve to the Legislative 2022, and his delegation, had a meeting this Friday, January 14th, with the firefighters of Monchique and with the Association of those injured in the Monchique 2018 fire ( ALIM 2018).

According to BE, José Gusmão said during the meeting that "in the year in which the fires occurred, the authorities promised support and reparations to the people of Monchique, but when the matter disappeared from television, the overwhelming majority of families never
has received any support”.

For their part, the victims recalled that the fires “have a strong public responsibility, due to the absence of a policy for spatial planning and a policy for the forest”.

“Some of these problems have been tackled by the forest policy reform, but almost everything remains to be done. In any case, the measures approved in the meantime do not replace the reparations due and promised several times to populations such as that of Alferce, who suffered inestimable losses», explains the BE.

José Gusmão took on the commitment of «not forgetting the support that was promised and of confronting the guardianship with the obligations it has contracted towards the victims of these fires».

The blockers also met with the Monchique Fire Brigade, «in order to listen to the needs» of this barracks, which «provides significant services to the community with difficult conditions from the point of view of access, population dispersion and aging, and has limitations in terms of financial support from professionals, particularly in the field of immediate response and in terms of available facilities'.

BE also spoke of the «need to support these barracks that fulfill a public mission, without adequate support, having to find solutions at the local level and solve problems thanks to volunteering».