Left Bloc defends creation of risk subsidy for firefighters this year

Defended the head of the BE list for the Algarve, on a visit to Vila do Bispo

The Left Block wants to see the risk subsidy for firefighters advance as early as 2022, guaranteed José Gusmão, head of this party’s list for the Algarve in the Legislative Elections of 30 January, during a visit he made to the Vila Fire Brigade headquarters. of the Bishop.

“It is incomprehensible that professionals who risk their lives and health every year to protect our territory do not benefit from a subsidy precisely created to compensate for this type of activities”, considered the blockist candidate.

During the visit, the Left Bloc delegation “became aware of the Association's financial difficulties, namely in terms of compensation for services provided to the population, which are often well below cost. Those responsible for the barracks also reported the logistical problems arising from the obligation to report damage to vehicles within 24 hours after the occurrences, a period that often does not allow the identification of malfunctions, which are therefore paid for by the Association”, according to BE. .

This corporation “has 50 highly professional employees (34 employees) and female participation (15 women)”.

“However, there are difficulties in training, namely in accessing the National School of Firefighters, which gives priority to private companies to the detriment of firefighters. This situation is all the more serious the more demanding and multifaceted is the training of firefighters, who have to act in a very varied set of circumstances of high risk and responsibility», considers the bloc.

«The heads of the barracks also drew attention to the need for preventive work, and not just reactive, at the level of the mental health of the operatives, who are subject to extremely high levels of pressure», they conclude.