APIprensa has distributed over 10 articles by reputable authors in 250 months

The program will also cover newspapers from CPLP countries (and Portuguese emigrant communities around the world).

More than 250 articles authored by scientists, research centers and universities across the country were distributed free of charge for publication by hundreds of newspapers throughout 2021, under the program “Cultura, Ciência e Tecnologia na Imprensa”. THE Sul Informação is one of the newspapers that belong to this network.

Launched in February 2021 by the Portuguese Press Association (APIMprensa), this program aims, according to its president João Palmeiro, “to provide quality content that enriches publications and their readers, while at the same time disseminating what more relevant is being done in our country in the areas of culture, science and technology”.

According to data now revealed by the Portuguese Press Association, over these 10 months, 253 articles were distributed, prepared by fifty authors, which generated more than a thousand publications in more than a hundred newspapers and magazines, both on paper. , or digital.

Among the dozens of authors of articles published by this APImprensa program, there are well-known figures, such as, for example, the geologist Galopim de Carvalho, the physicist Carlos Fiolhais, the ecologist Helena Freitas, the botanist Jorge Paiva, the biochemist Manuela Grazina, astronomers Ricardo Cardoso Reis and Rui Barbosa, epidemiologist Salvador Massano Cardoso, journalist António Valdemar, neuroscientist Joana Grave, sociologist Vítor Sérgio Ferreira, among many others. Papers from research centers from all Portuguese Universities were also published.

This Program is directed by journalist Jorge Castilho, director of APImprensa, and has as scientific coordinator the biochemist António Piedade, with extensive experience in the field of science dissemination.

The program has been supported by “Media Veritas”, a project to promote media literacy, launched by APImprensa with the support of Google.

According to João Palmeiro, APImprensa will continue, in 2022, with the “Culture, Science and Technology in the Press” Program, seeking to attract more authors and promoting an even wider dissemination, also covering newspapers from CPLP countries ( Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) and Portuguese emigrant communities around the world.