Aljezur reinforces support for Voluntary Firefighters

Support will amount to five thousand euros

The municipality of Aljezur will reinforce its support to the Volunteer Firefighters with a budget of around five thousand euros, a decision taken at the Council meeting, held on December 30th.

According to the municipality of Aljezur, this support will serve to "deal with extraordinary expenses with personal protective equipment and specific materials to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, which guarantee the safety of operators and users."

This financial support "fits within the City Council's priority program, supporting entities that provide services in the areas of relief, support for the elderly and children, in order to efficiently and safely pursue their goals."

The meeting also approved "extraordinary support of 26.798 euros for the repair of operational support vehicles, firefighting and rescue", so that the Fire Department "has all the equipment and vehicles available and the maximum capacity to respond to occurrences, as well as in the transport of patients», he concludes.