73% of electricity production in December was from renewable sources

It was the first month without electricity production from coal

In December 2021, 73% of electricity production came from renewable sources, this being the third highest value of the year, surpassed only by the months of February (88,6%) and March (78,4%), announced the ADENE – Energy Agency.

Wind energy represented 42,7% of the total electricity produced, the highest value recorded in 2021. Hydro energy represented 21,5%, biomass 6,5% and solar photovoltaic 2,3% (the second lowest value of the year).

The production of electricity from non-renewable sources represented 27% of the total electricity produced: 26,5% via natural gas thermal power plants
and 0,5% for the remaining non-renewable thermal.

The month of December was also characterized by the inexistence of electricity production from coal, due to the closure, at the end of November, of the last coal-fired power plant.