It seems that a world of Meta is being born

While planet Earth is being destroyed right in front of us in the face of the indifference of the majority and the complicity of greed, another world is taking shape.

FACEBOOK INC changed its name to METAVERSO in October 2021, the same month the Climate Summit began in Glasgow.

The measures taken at COP26, the UN climate summit, fell short of expectations, but we don't need to worry: with the METAVERSE, it's foreseen to be possible to teleport us to other places on Earth with our avatar, to meet virtually with our friends, and for that, the real state of the planet will not matter.

Banning the use of coal was the "last hope" for limiting global warming, said Alok Sharma, president of COP26, in May 2021. Unfortunately, that hope has not materialized.

There was no agreement and India wanted, at the last minute, to replace the progressive end (phase out) by a progressive reduction (phase down), which ended up being accepted with expressions of displeasure from various delegations, such as Switzerland, the European Union, and even from countries more vulnerable to climate change. 'Elimination' has been replaced by a 'progressive reduction'. Alok Sharma still considers that the signed pact allows “to keep within reach” the objective of limiting the temperature increase of the planet in this century to 1,5 degrees. We'll see.

In fact, this is a question more than semantics, and one that causes coal to continue to contribute to climate change for more years than our planet can withstand.

In the world of Meta, it will be possible to work in a virtual office, meet with colleagues, analyze projects, everything, without leaving your home. What does it matter if the temperatures are unbearable? As long as we have water and food, the other species can just be holograms. There is Internet and the rest does not matter! The expectation is that, in five years, the interconnection between virtual worlds and physical reality will be banal, as happened with communication using video through the smartphones.

However, good news. Portugal stopped using coal to produce electricity last November 24th.

Initially, the country planned to stop using coal for the production of electricity only in 2030. The Pego Thermoelectric Power Station ran out of electricity. stock and the production ended. We hope that other countries will also soon follow this path. Pertinent note: Germany opened a new plant in 2020…

But, after all, what is the METAVERSE?

The METAVERSE is the new dream of the American programmer and entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg (that's how Wikipedia presents it), and it will be a new way for us to experience social interaction on social networks and interconnect it with physical reality.

METAVERSO is the passport to access to 3D virtual reality that will enable an immersive online connection experience. A new platform called Horizon is already being built, the starting point for us to interact in METAVERSO.

Not accessible to everyone, of course. It won't be free like Facebook or Instagram. Want to join? You will have to pay. Then you can create your avatar, the house, workrooms for collaboration and virtual worlds, such as a place to hold a virtual party with friends and family.

While planet Earth is destroyed right in front of us in the face of the indifference of the majority and the complicity of greed, another world is taking shape. A virtual world, where we will only be connected hands and brains, disconnected from what matters most; of us, of the Other, of the living beings with whom we share this planet.

It seems that a world of Meta is being born.


Author: Analita Alves dos Santos is a Mother concerned with environmental issues... and not only