Museum of Portimão shows the best images of the Photographic Race and “As Cores da Viagem”

Alexandre Castellani won 1st prize in the Photographic Race of Portimão

Photo: All Rights Reserved

The Museum of Portimão will inaugurate on City Day, December 10, at 17 pm, the exhibition with the best images of the 00st Photographic Race of Portimão and also the exhibition “As Cores da Viagem”, with paintings and drawings by the artist António Carmo .

Organized since 2001 by the Museu de Portimão, this year, the 21st Photographic Race once again maintained the online format of the previous edition, «in view of the need to comply with sanitary rules and distance, the individual and face-to-face involvement of a large group is not appropriate. of participants in a competition traditionally limited to the city», explains the Portimão Chamber.


Photo: All Rights Reserved

With “Hope” as its motto, the initiative sought to maintain, according to the municipality, “as in 2020, the collection of photographic testimonies for future memory, representing the impact of Covid-19 on the forms and solutions found by the different communities, in their re-encounter with the “hope” of a desirable post-pandemic return to normality».

The 2021 Photo Race was, therefore, open to remote participation, via electronics, by photographers from anywhere in the country.

In total, there were 120 subscribers who submitted their images.

The best works, in addition to being exhibited, until the 24th of April of the next year, at the Museu de Portimão can also be seen online.


Photo: All Rights Reserved


“Finally Here”, “Missing this Moment”, “I see Colors Many Colors” and “Happiness is This” were the four themes “that stimulated the attentive and creative look of the participants, in a period of so difficult and strong social constraint, for that this initiative of the Museum of Portimão also assumed an important visual contribution in the collection of testimonies of a singular moment in history, for future memory», highlights the Municipality of Portimão.

The winners of this edition were: 1st prize – Alexandre Castellani; 2nd – António Tedim; 3rd – José Oliveira; 4th – Elsa Martins; 5th – Luís Reininho; Youth Award – Matilde Gonçalves. In addition to these categories, the exhibition will include the “Special Jury Prize”, awarded to Fernando Vajá, as well as the best photo of each of the four proposed themes.

This photographic initiative had the support of Ocean Revival, the Group of Friends of the Portimão Museum, ETIC_Algarve, CLCC, Restinga, Ana-Ana and had the Sul Informação as a partner of the regional press.

In turn, “As Cores da Viagem” is an exhibition of painting and drawing by António Carmo, “which invites visitors to a unique chromatic and poetic journey, resulting from his intense creative and pictorial work, while revisiting places in the country and in the world, where Portuguese culture has passed».


The Colors of Travel


From the artist's perspective, «this is a tribute to our people, customs, flavors, light, culture and our way of being in life and in the world», since the matrix of his painting has everything to do with Portuguese root of his gaze «and with this land bordered by the sea, with the designs stripped of artifice, with everyday figures of touching social density, with this solar country».

“As Cores da Viagem” will run until March 13 of next year.

The two exhibitions can be visited on Tuesdays, from 14:30 pm to 18:00 pm, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm.