Movements against tolls recall "the passage of a decade" since A22 is paid

Tolls were implemented in Via do Infante on December 8, 2011

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (File)

The Algarve Without Tolls Movement and the Public Service Users Movement (MUSP) mark tomorrow, December 8, as «the milestone of the passage of a decade since tolls were implemented on Via do Infante (A22)», appealing , once again, at the end of your billing.

According to a press release from the Algarve Sem Tolls Movement, the introduction of toll fees on this motorway "has clearly harmed the populations and small and medium-sized businesses of the Algarve, as Via do Infante does not have valid alternative infrastructures" .

«The National Road 125 (EN125), in fact, is a real urban artery with intersections, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, which is taking a long time to be reclassified».

The Algarve Sem Tolls Movement also explains that «the effects that we have always pointed out were verified, from the beginning, with a sharp reduction in traffic on Via do Infante and the consequent increase on the EN125. This fact, in addition to the economic impact it causes on a fragile economy dependent on tourism, has also caused this road to regain the name “road of death”».

In addition, the movement says that the Public-Private Partnership, associated with this highway, «has proved to be ruinous for the public interest by transferring public money to the concessionary company, regardless of the traffic verified, constituting a real income for guaranteed profit and loss for the State and populations».

"With the accelerated degradation of the economic and social conditions of workers and the people, it becomes even more imperative to demand an end to the collection of tolls on Via do Infante, as a condition for regional development and guaranteeing the right to mobility of populations", he concludes. the Algarve Without Tolls Movement.