island of Farol have new mobile generator

the island of Farol/Bullet is powered via a 15 kV Medium Voltage (MT) underwater cable

E-Redes installed a new mobile generator on the island of Farol, in an investment of around 55 thousand euros, which will function as a backup for the low voltage network. 

«The new generator now installed has a power of 400 kVA (kilovoltampere), which considerably reinforces the available capacity compared to the previous one, which had 300 kVA.

the island of Farol/Culatra is powered by a 15 kV Medium Voltage (MT) underwater cable that, since the early 90s of the last century, makes the crossing between the islands of Armona and the island of Farol/ Culatra, bringing electricity to this Island and the Farol.

"Since it is an island, the work to install this new generator required larger procedures, such as loading the generator onto a barge in the commercial port of Faro, the arrival of the barge on the island, the transport of the generator to the vicinity of the Distribution Transformer Post (PTD) there, using an excavator, and, finally, the installation and connection of the new equipment to the Distribution Transformer Post (PTD) )”, explains E-Redes.