Algarve Hotel and Tourism School brings together the essence of European Christmas

The initiative will take place between the 6th and the 10th of December, and will be open to the general public on the 8th

Photos: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação (File)

"Christmas in Europe" will bring together at the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School (EHTA), between 6 and 10 December, 15 teams from European schools, who will bring their legends, traditions and customs, composing the essence of Christmas in Europe.

“Christmas in Europe” is “one of the most important events of the European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools and aims to celebrate the richness and variety of Christmas traditions”, says the EHTA.

The Algarve Hotel and Tourism School was chosen to host the 27th edition of this event, which will bring up to Faro pupils and trainers from schools from 11 European countries such as: Estonia, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and of course Portugal.

«Recreating the “soul” of the Christmas celebrated in each country is the great challenge of the participating teams, through the display of traditional costumes, booth decoration, recreation of musical traditions and dances, gastronomic demonstrations, preparation of a Christmas buffet and many other activities» , explains the EHTA.

The students of the Algarve school themselves are involved in the preparation and organization of this event, which is an opportunity for learning in a real context.

The “Christmas In Europe” program also provides for participants to visit various points of interest in the Algarve, guided by students from the host school, and also the possibility for the general public to visit the exhibition and stands in each country on the 8th of December at 9:30 am.

«We took care to articulate all areas of the school and courses in the organization and logistics of this event, always in a safe way. The aim is to integrate the event into the school dynamics, transferring some classes to online format but also involving students in the entire production, before and during the event», says Silvia Barriga, Innovation advisor at the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School.

This is “a unique event in terms of the dissemination of the European Christmas culture and, naturally, it is experienced with full intensity by students and trainers”, highlights the EHTA.

Portugal will be represented by a team from the Viana do Castelo School of Hotel and Tourism, which promises to show the essence of Portuguese Christmas: «Many of our traditions cut across the entire country and, although we will focus on the Minho spirit and customs, we're going to have the Portuguese soul in everything we're going to make: from codfish to octopus, passing through the fritters, these are recipes that represent Portugal», highlights Rúben Silva, a chef at the Viana do Castelo school.

«We chose 'Roupa Velha' as the main dish because it reflects our concern, always, for zero food waste. The classic French toast, made with dry bread, will also represent the spirit of a sustainable Christmas, a message that we want to convey», stresses the chef.