Diocese of Algarve announces ordination of two priests

Both are already internship

Photo: Samuel Mendonça | Sunday sheet

Fábio Pedro and Samuel Camacho, currently deacons, will be ordained priests in a celebration on January 23, at 16 pm, at the Church of São Pedro do Mar, in Quarteira. 

According to the newspaper Folha do Domingo, which advanced the news, the Bishop of the Algarve «had already announced, last month, that the two deacons had given him the respective requests to be ordained priests».

Fábio Pedro is from the parish of São Sebastião (Loulé) and is doing an internship in Quarteira.

Samuel Camacho, on the other hand, comes from the «Parish of São Pedro de Faro» and is doing an internship «at the Seminary of São José de Faro, as mayor».