Derailment in Olhão was caused by a screw in the rail

Matter will be handed over to the competent judicial authorities

Photo: Fabiana Saboya | Sul Informação (File)

O derailment of a train on the Algarve Line, which took place this Monday, December 6th, between Fuseta and Olhão, was probably caused by a screw placed on top of the rail.

According to the Público newspaper, "everything indicates that the object, used in the track infrastructure, was placed on top of the line on purpose, except that it was there for an accidental reason."

If it is confirmed that there was no anomaly in the road or in the rolling stock, it will be up to the police authorities to investigate the causes of the accident.

“The screw was placed at the entrance to a curve, in a section of the road where the maximum speed was 90 km/h. The railcar was composed of two carriages, one being the motor unit and the other the trailer. It was the latter (lighter as it did not have engines installed) that came at the front and derailed, leaving the bogie (set of four wheelset) completely off the rails», explains Público.

The derailment did not cause any injuries, nor was it necessary to provide assistance to passengers. The Algarve Line was cut off from train circulation and was only cleared at dawn on Wednesday, "after a relief train went from Campolide to put the railcar back on the rails."

In a statement, the GPIAAF (Office for the Prevention and Investigation of Accidents with Aircraft and Railroad Accidents) says that, "after having gathered the necessary information, it decided that there was no room for the opening of an investigation within the framework of its legal powers, as it was found that the derailment resulted directly from intervention outside the railway system, the matter being handed over to the competent judicial authorities».