CDU's electoral commitments include the construction of the Central Hospital and the end of tolls on the A22

Public session that took place this Monday, December 22, at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão

«The future of the Algarve is built with better salaries, public services, diversification of economic activity, right to housing and transport, protection of the environment. It can't just be a good place for tourists. It needs conditions for those who live and work here», highlighted the head of the CDU list for the Algarve to the Legislative Elections of 30 January.

Catarina Marques outlined the priorities of the CDU's electoral commitment to the Algarve, in a public session that took place this Monday, December 22, at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão, and which was attended by João Dias, MP for the PCP in the Assembly of the Republic.

The candidate highlighted from the electoral commitment presented by the CDU the proposals regarding salaries, with "a general increase in salaries (public and private), including the national minimum wage to 850 euros, in the short term, setting its value at 800 euros in 2022 », as well as «combat precariousness and enhance careers and professions».



He also highlighted the free nature of day care centers for all children and the creation of a public network, increasing the number of places by 100. Also promoting the annual update of all pensions with a minimum value of 10 euros, restoring purchasing power, including those that were frozen, is one of the goals.

In health, the candidate stressed that the party intends to «fix and increase health professionals in the National Health Service (SNS), through the option of exclusive dedication of doctors and nurses, fight the assault of private economic groups on the NHS, invest in primary health care and in the construction of the new Hospital Central do Algarve and new premises for the Hospital de Lagos».

The candidate also wants to "combat the shortage of teachers, linking those who have three or more years of service, reduce the number of students per class to a maximum of 19 in the 1st cycle of basic education and up to 22 in secondary". With regard to housing, Catarina Marques intends to «combat speculation, regulate prices and ensure stability in lease contracts for a minimum period of 10 years for new contracts (at the tenant's discretion) and increase the public supply of housing».

"Expanding the supply of transport (road and rail), establishing progressively free public transport (up to the age of 18 in 2022), reclassifying National Road 125 and putting an end to tolls on Via do Infante" are other proposals that he highlighted during your intervention.



As for the environment, it seeks to "defend public water, promote local and regional production, take care of the forest and prevent fires, enhance protected areas" and, in the economy, "diversify economic activity, invest in the productive apparatus such as fisheries, agriculture and industry and diversify tourist markets and combat seasonality”.

João Dias, during his speech, reported on the work done by the Parliamentary Group of the PCP, in these last two years in which the Algarve did not have any deputy elected by the CDU.

«An intense political intervention in the Algarve region that included, among other examples, the defense of the National Health Service and the Public School, in the fight against tolls on Via do Infante and in the demand for the requalification of Estrada Nacional 125, in defense of the law to produce and live in the Ria Formosa, in the demand for responses to the impacts of the epidemic, in the promotion of the regional productive apparatus or in active solidarity with the struggle of workers», emphasizes the party.